David Ungemah

David Ungemah

About Me

Since 1994, David Ungemah has provided consulting experience in managed lanes policy, planning, and facility development; congestion pricing programs; Transportation Demand Management (TDM) analysis and development; and highway management and operations development, including Active Traffic Management (ATM) systems. David has extensive managed lanes experience from planning through operations, and is a nationally recognized expert in managed lanes and congestion pricing systems. He is the current co-chair of the TRB Congestion Pricing Committee and immediate past-chair of the TRB Multimodal Pricing Implementation Joint Subcommittee.

Managed Freeways

David has been at the forefront of bringing the highly-successful Australian Managed Freeways concept to ...

Transportation Operations and Management

David has served on the front-lines of TDM and TSM activities, including former director of ...

Congestion Pricing

David is the current co-chairman of the Transportation Research Board’s standing committee on Congestion Pricing.

Managed Lanes

David has been developing, designing, and implementing priced managed lanes since the beginning, with active ...

“ My mission is to assist my clients in developing innovative, desirable, and sustainable solutions for reducing traffic congestion and optimizing use of our existing infrastructure.”

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