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The Australian context for managed lanes has been limited to date to HOV bypasses at ramp meters, as a complement to the managed motorways system.  It is from the success with managed motorways that the need and rationale for U.S. style managed lanes has been dubious.  According to this recent article, it appears that Transurban

When I was a child, my mother was a big fan of Kenny Rogers.  I knew every line to The Gambler backwards and forwards.  The most famous part of the song, made infamous by the Geico commercial, had the following lyrics:  “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em; Know when to fold ’em; Know when

London Congestion Charging

Congestion pricing concepts are making a comeback.  Cordon pricing was briefly considered by New York City and San Francisco as a part of the Urban Partnership Agreement program in the mid 2000’s.  However, various reasons caused both communities to cease their planned deployment. Recently, though, new studies have emerged evaluating the concept.  As reported, Washington

Massachusetts Route 3

Priced managed lanes have generally passed the northeast by.  Whereas Texas, California, and Florida have rapidly expanded their lane mileage of priced managed lanes, the populous northeastern states have generally been lukewarm to the concept.  That may change in the near future, as Massachusetts is pursuing new priced managed lanes for State Route 3.  Initial

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