Developing a Value Pricing Project: Experience with I-30 in Dallas, Texas

Limited space to build new roads, fiscal constraints of federal and state government investment to fund new road construction or add capacity to the existing road infrastructure, and the need to use roads more efficiently have triggered in recent years a trend of looking for alternative ways to address the country’s transportation needs. One alternative that has become increasingly accepted by politicians, decision makers, and the public is value pricing. This paper describes the current state of the Dallas, Texas, 1-30 value-pricing project. This paper also describes the metrics developed at the beginning of the project to answer key questions related to the implementation of value pricing on 1-30W. It presents the findings to date and provides guidance to other transportation agencies on methods to deploy a value-pricing project. Preliminary results for the survey and focus groups about managed lanes and value pricing are presented. The project found that a successful value-pricing project should include early definition of goals, early data collection for performance monitoring, and early development of public outreach.


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