US 36 Express Lanes, Under Construction, Denver, Colorado

Add another express lane to the “operational” list.  The US 36 Express Lanes, which serves the primary freeway between Denver and Boulder in Colorado, is open to all traffic for testing.  As noted in this article, there are some interesting components regarding the facility:

  • Carpoolers can use the Express Lanes for free, but in order to take advantage, they will require a new switchable HOV transponder.
  • Motorcyclists will also need an ExpressToll account and pass to use the Express Lanes for free.
  • Carpooling without a toll with two occupants (driver plus one); three occupants (driver plus two) will be required by no later than 2017

Colorado DOT and its public private partner, Plenary Roads, not only opened a new express lane facility, but they have also implemented new requirements (for Colorado) for using the lanes as an HOV — both now (with the use of switchable transponders) and later (from HOV-2+ to HOV-3+, as demand warrants).

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